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Nautical practices

Registrations and cancellations of boats, including pleasure boats, in Italy and abroad, issuing radiotelephony licenses, updating navigation licenses, validation of nautical licenses, MMSI release for EPIRB, release of Restricted Radiotelephone certificate and everything related to pleasure boating.

STED - Telematic Branch Office

Our Agency offers the STED service (Telematic branch of the Deporting), to carry out every practice concerning the pleasure craft, which became mandatory, from 1 January 2020, with the entry into force of the DPR n. 152 of 12/14/2018

Crew management

We help customer in the whole management of the crew. From hiring (boarding) to termination (landing), including processing paychecks, models for payment of contributions, accident insurance, opening and management positions in social security and welfare institutions and of all the obligations required by the rules for the recruitment of personnel.

MTD - Motorist's Telematic Desk

Here we make transfers of boat and car ownership in real time.

Qualified technical services

We are the Lazio qualified office of Quality & security, we deal with issuing/renewing security certificates, releasing/renewing of certificates of suitability for hire, etc.

Customs procedures

Import and export of boats.

Automotive practices

Car registrations, transfer of ownership, validation of driving licenses etc.

"For years we have turned to the Terzi agency for the whole administrative part of our boat, to be able to count on their professionalism and precision is of great benefit and time saving"

Marta Tripodi, private boat owner

"Silvestro Terzi... a devoted friend and an expert in the field, who is able to solve any problem on board"

Ugo Cosenza, EleKtron Marine Manager
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